Ocean Waves Ambient (Opening mix by John Kitts)

Sub-radio Ocean Waves Ambient vzniklo pod křídly Ocean Radio Chilled. V létě 2013, jsem toto rádio otevíral jedna a půlhodinovou selekcí ambientu.


1.Twins In Mind – Intro
2.Blue Neptune – Angel (Original Mix)
3.Alex Van Deep – Life Is A Dream (Ambient Mix)
4.Jens Buchert – Blue Horizon
5.Afternova – Serenity (Andy Blueman Orchestral Mix)
6.David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – The First Goodbye
7.Cymatics – Watching The Sunrise (Chill Out Version)
8.Side Liner – Little Whale (Ambient Mix)
9.John Spanos – Venice (Ambient Mix)
10.Carbon Based Lifeforms – Euphotic
11.Owen Ear – Ray
12.Adam Nickey – Perfect Destiny (Ambient Mix)
13.Ohm G – This Is Not The Ocean
14.Seven24 – Another World (Part One)
15.Valdi Sabev – Glimpse Of The Eternal
16.Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)
17.Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Album Version)
18.Deep Fog Feat. Wi – Fear (Ambient Mix)