Chillout Therapy #48

Chillout Therapy #48 (September – October, 2015)

Chillout Therapy – Intro
1.Demetrio Da Soto – In Dawn
2.Counting Clouds – Walk In The Ocean
3.Gysnoize – Everything And Nothing
4.Koan – In The Garden Of The Hesperides (Golden Apples Mix)
5.Solarsoul – Defying Gravity (Nale Remix)
6.Polished Chrome – 2 Night (Original Mix)
7.Nova June – Ground
8.Collective Sound Members – A Touch Of Jazz (Down Mix)
9.The Rasmus – Sail Away (Benztown Chillout Mix)
10.Nova June – Crystal
11.The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony (Instrumental)
12.The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony (RedArt Remix)