Chillout Therapy #37

Chillout Therapy #37 (September, 2014)


1.Olafur Arnalds – Beth’s Theme
2.Yann Tiersen – Comptine Dun Autre Ete
3.Vangelis – Prelude (Armenian Duduk)
4.Eugene Kush – Evening Kiss
5.Owsey, Jernalism & Resotone I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart
6.Tesseract – The Answer
7.Vangelis – Alpha (Carl Sagan The Cosmis Remix + Original Mix)
8.Younger Brother – Train
9.Riva – Time Is The Healer (Harry Peat Ambient Remix)
10.Iklefudd – A Day And A Half
11.Mahoroba – Le Monde
12.Mojito’s – Chilly Vanilli Beach Dub
13.Mahaon – Revelation Revolution