Chillout Therapy #34

Chillout Therapy #34 (June, 2014)


1.Halo & Say – Will I Ever Be Missed (Need a Name Remix)
2.Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla (Solarsoul Chilled Remix)
3.Solarsoul & Lukas Termena – Memories From The Sky (Original Mix)
4.Rafael Frost – Triangle
5.Freedom Dub feat. Laura Finocchairo – Indy (Voce Sabe Remix)
6.C Rouge feat. Shake – Dle Yaman (Front Remix)
7.Free Tibet – Return To Lhasa (Dalai Lama Tribute Mix)
8.Schiller – Das Dritte Auge (Chill Out Version)
9.Ashtech – Essential Credential
10.Hadron Orchestra – Barion Street
11.Kayatma – Vikarma
12.Cardamar – Rush Hour