Chillout Therapy #10 (Koan Tribute Mix)

Chillout Therapy #10 (21.1.2013), byla věnována ruskému duu – Daniel Roeth & William Grey, vystupující pod uměleckým jménem Koan. Desátá epizoda mapovala jejich současnou diskografii.


Seb Soroori – Chillout Therapy Intro
1.At The Dawn
2.The Story Of the Peacock
3.Sweet Dream
4.Lady Of the Coco Flower
5.Underwater Moonlight (Blue Mix)
7.Priceless Diamonds
8.Odysseus Under The Old Tree
9.Circes Touch (Original Edit)
10.When The Silence Is Speaking (Blue Mix)
11.Last Meeting With White Wolf (Green Mix)
12.Cosmic Spores
13.Citadel Of Velimurd
14.Buyan Island
16.Selena’s Song (Blue Mix)
17.Ghost In The Piramids
18.Girl From Heaven
19.Mai’s Crystal Bridge
20.Fashionable Mood
21.Geisha’s Secrete
22.By The Crystaloine Cliffs
23.Underwater Moonlight (Green Mix)
24.Ladon (Serpent Mix)
25.Flying Cities
26.Crying Prozerpine (Blue Mix)
27.Beach Taxi
28.Nasca Lines
29.Evening Flight With Souram